Friday 11th May 2018 - 9pm - 3am

notarobot 0518

In 2018, Spotify announced an auto mixing function that will use an algorithm to perform dj style mixes to your playlists. In the not to distant future Skynet's synthetic intelligent machine network tries to destroy humanity when it realises humans are a security threat. Are these 2 events related? Are DJs the first casualty of the relentless rise of machines? Will they come for you next?

Take a stand against the machines, come down to the Mascara Bar on the 11th May and hear two of the best DJs you've vaguely heard of manually mixing records together in a manner designed to tickle your ears and move your feet - possibly at the same time.

Hyperlink hip hop, silicon soul, firewire funk and digital disco selected by 100% organic organisms.

Don't be a robot and get down here on Friday the 11th May 2018.



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