Mascara Film Club: 06

Thursday 19th December 2019 – 8pm – 10pm

What sleeps in the mouth of the ventriloquist’s dummy? Mascara Film Club presents five artists’ shorts that speak through relayed voices, as pointed power plays surface across expanded testimonies. Turnpike Lane sings karaoke, a printer interrogates and John McKeown is fed lines from a Dustin Hoffman interview. Including films by free.yard, Bronte Dow, Patrick Staff, Kathryn Elkin and Richard Whitby.


Untitled (A Momentation 4 Saul), free.yard, 2019, 3 mins
Bathynomus, Bronte Dow, 2019, 3 mins
Weedkiller, Patrick Staff, 2017, 17 mins
Why La Bamba, Kathryn Elkin, 2015, 17 mins
The Lost Ones, Richard Whitby, 2019, 33 mins


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